Planning Your Tour

Where do I begin?

Call our Tour Coordinator at (701) 543-4097 or 543-3725 to schedule a tour. This is also a great time to discuss your goals for the visit so we can plan and prepare accordingly.

How long do the tours last?

The tours last approximately two hours. The museum includes three floors and the airplane hangar, which is at a separate location one block away.

Information for Educators

I don't teach a history class; can my students still benefit from a visit?

Absolutely! Looking at and discussing historical pieces is a great educational experience that includes observing, questioning, analyzing, writing, and discussing.  

I have students with special needs. Can they be accommodated?

We will make every effort to accommodate your students. When scheduling your tour, please inform us of any special needs so that we can best prepare. 

What if my school can't afford a field trip?

Special arrangements may be made for those schools that cannot afford the student fee. Ask the Tour Coordinator when you book your visit. You also may consider booking a classroom presentation at your site.

How do I prepare my students?

Discussions of where, why, and how you are visiting go a long way. Convey guidelines for acceptable behavior. Have these same discussions with your chaperones; they are responsible for student behavior. Talk to our Tour Coordinator for more ideas and materials to help you prepare.

Are there lunch facilities?

The Museum does not have an eating facility. If your students are bringing lunch/drinks, they must be left on the bus or in the museum foyer. The city of Hatton has several beautiful parks that may serve as great places for outdoor picnics.

What is appropriate museum behavior?

Behavior that shows respect for the historical items and other visitors is encouraged. Stay with your group and walk calmly. Talk quietly together about what you are seeing. Respond to and ask questions of your tour guide. Enjoy your opportunity to see the real history and help preserve it by resisting the temptation to touch the historical pieces. 

My students toured the Museum in the past. Has it changed?

The Museum volunteers continually work to update and keep the museum content fresh. Students that visited previously typically find other points of interest and are able to explore the historical content further.